Nuvale makes things easy!

Nuvale Wheat Protein Strips are an easy to use alternative to meat. Ideal in sizzling stir fries.

Classic curries with Cubes!

Nuvale Wheat Protein Cubes, perfect for pies, stews and curries!

If spice is your vice...

Try making delicious fajita wraps with Nuvale Wheat Protein strips, sizzled in spices with peppers and a dash of fresh lime!

Add some Nomnomnom to your Noodles!

Quick and easy to use, Nuvale Wheat Protein Strips can be added to many recipes in many styles of cuisine.

There will be text!

The presentation page also comes equipped with 3 text areas and an infinite number of columns. The text areas are positioned above and below the columns and blog posts. They support HTML tags (including images) and [shortcodes] so you can turn the Presentation Page into your personal playground.

Just like everything else on the Presentation Page you can choose whether to use these text areas or not. You can edit them from Theme Settings » Presentation Page Settings » Text Areas.

There will be posts!

You can also choose to show your latest posts on the Presentation page. From the theme settings you can select how many posts to show and more will be loaded via an Ajax button.

Even if you can show your latest posts on the Presentation Page, you can also use the Blog Page Template to designate another page as your primary blog posts page. While creating a new page or editing an existing one choose Blog Template as the page template and save.

For more information read all the help sections from the Theme Settings.
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